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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm having trouble connecting to the bank verification service.

If you are unable to successfully access the bank verification service, please contact our Online Lending Team during business hours to work through the issue.

Why can't I reapply?

There are several reasons why you might not be able to reapply. If you struggled to repay your previous loan, which went for debt collection, then you may not be eligible for another loan. If your circumstances have changed since your last loan, you may no longer meet the criteria. Please call our Lending Team on 0800 27 28 36 to discuss your difficulty applying.

I haven't received my mobile verification code. What should I do?

Your verification code can take up to 60 seconds to arrive. You can request another code by clicking on the 'resend verification code' button after 30 seconds. If you still haven't received the code, please check you have entered the correct mobile number in the application.

If you have had a Save My Bacon loan before, you should receive the code automatically to your original mobile number.

Please contact us on 0800 27 28 36 if you have any further issues.

I can't sign my loan documents.

Please close the signing webpage and log onto your Save My Bacon account on our website. When your login page opens, you will see a link giving you the option to sign your loan documents. Alternatively, you can wait for an email to arrive in your inbox and follow the link in the email.

If you are still having issues, please give our Online LendingTeam a quick call on 0800 27 28 36 and they will be able to assist you.

How do I download my bank statements?

You can download your bank statements by following the instructions here.