We take our responsible-lending obligations seriously – protecting borrowers’ welfare is core to our lending practices.

About us

Save My Bacon is constantly striving to revolutionise and challenge traditional methods of borrowing by helping financially responsible consumers improve their access to credit. Our mission is to provide the New Zealand consumer with a number of simple, transparent products at a fair rate. We are continuing to develop our proprietary direct-to-consumer lending platform and credit-underwriting capabilities to build credit profiles and launch new products across the full spectrum of consumer-finance needs.

At our core, we are a technology company that has built an advanced platform which is underpinned by custom analytics. But we are no tech-shell. Our focus on maintaining and developing a strong customer-service team that is sensitive to our customers’ needs remains key to our success.

Borrower welfare is paramount to us and we take our responsible-lending obligations seriously. We work hard at the time of granting a loan to ensure that our customers are able to repay us. We only approve an application if we believe it is affordable and suitable for the person applying. We pride ourselves on our service and only lend to Kiwis who meet our minimum net-income threshold. We also recognise that circumstances can change and we work with people when this happens.

Our Story

New Zealand consumers are increasingly turning to online and mobile solutions to meet their personal-finance needs. This growth mirrors a preference for products that are more convenient and easier to access than products provided by mainstream credit providers.
Since our launch in 2010, we have helped Kiwis with our transparent and convenient consumer-credit options, approving more than 220,000 applications.
Our people are our biggest asset and a significant driver in our success. We are fortunate to have attracted a level of talent that places us at a competitive advantage. We are committed to our people and maintain a high expectation of excellence. We are problem solvers and believe that challenges can become opportunities. As a result we are well positioned to enter our next phase of growth.
We believe Save My Bacon is in a unique position to stimulate new areas of demand by leveraging the data we collect to deliver a more personalised experience, while developing an upgraded version of our existing product and launching additional products to expand into new categories. We will continue to capitalise on our digital strategy in the consumer-finance sector, this being a key component of our long-term strategy.
The financial industry is facing increasingly complex regulations, as well as healthy competition from a range of businesses. We welcome these changes, which provide increased consumer choice and security.
We're just getting started – follow us as we shape the future of lending in New Zealand.