How safe are payday loans online?

There are elements of risk with payday loans on-line, some due to the nature of being a business on-line and some related to payday loans in general. However, most companies try to reduce the level or risk by employing their own methods of encryption and security to protect your information.  We are going to look at what are the most prominent risks and most effective security features to counter these.

The Risks

• Sharing sensitive on-line is always risky, not just with payday loans

Whenever you provide sensitive information to a company electronically on-line, there is an element of risk. It doesn’t matter who it is with, Facebook, on-line shopping, signing up for insurance or taking out a payday loan, when you provide your personal information there is an unavoidable level of risk. As hackers evolve, using more and more sophisticated methods to unlawfully obtain sensitive information, so must the security systems that on-line businesses employ.

• Fraud Risk

The level of security and identity checking carried out by different providers can range quite extremely from quite lax to particularly thorough. It is important to know that the more thorough the identity checking carried out, the less chance there is for fraud or identity theft to occur.

• Payday Loans in general have an element of risk

A payday loan is designed to run for a very short period of time, usually to the next payday. The conditions if you do not meet your end of the agreement and do not communicate this quickly to the lender can often be harsh. The loans therefore need to be managed responsibly.

• The psychological risk

Payday Loans can seem like an easy solution, quick cash and no long term commitment, but they are ultimately an expensive form of credit. You pay for the speed and the convenience and also for the risk of these loans. As they can appear easy, psychologically people need to keep themselves in check and remember only to take one when they really need it, and not for everyday things.

How Payday Loans stay secure

• Encrypted Servers

This is common across any on-line site or store where you enter personal banking or account information. There are different levels of encryption and payday lenders in general use this to keep your details secure while filling in your information.

• Comprehensive Identity checks

Some lenders require you to provide not only your banking and residency info, but also details of your employer. They will contact your employer to confirm some information about your work and income. If your employer are not expecting that call and have not been explicity advised to share this information by you, then this would stop any loan from being completed until the details confirmed. This can stop fraud from occurring.

• Additional security steps

Some providers require that you have an active e-mail account and also a mobile phone number. This is not just for contact purposes, but often so that a security code can be sent via text message to your mobile. The loan can only be completed by providing the code sent to your own mobile.

So while any transactions on-line have an element of risk, there are those that are specific to the industry and those that are general across any business operating on-line. However, each provider will perform their own security measures and it is good to know how deep these measures are before entering any information.

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