How payday loans work varies from lender to lender. Each has their own set of pre-qualifying factors and their own system for applying. Each also has their own rates, fees and charges and their own policy on repayment and late payment. It is important to know how a lender operates before committing to any loan agreement as some are undoubtedly better than others.

Our own specific payday loans work through the following process of pre-qualification and application.


That’s how the first bit works. If you meet all the prerequisite factors, then you could be well on your way to getting one of our loans. 

The application process is as simple as this:

There really is nothing to it, and our own process is as simple as that.

Payday / short term loans that you can trust 100% are a friendly and reliable payday loan service with no confusion and no hassles. We lend to only employed New Zealanders. You can apply for our loans on the calculator below. Why not see what we do and review the following links if you would like to find out more about us and how our service works.

* Subject to Save My Bacon Ltd's right to request required information via fax, scanner or other paper means.

The type of credit is not intended to meet your long-term financial needs or to be used for dealing with existing ongoing financial problems.
This loan should only be used to meet short-term cash needs and not be used as a continual source of credit.
If you are concerned that you are falling into a bad debt situation, then please do not apply for a Save My Bacon loan as our loan will only worsen your situation.