Emergency Loans New Zealand

Are you looking for options for emergency loans in New Zealand? We understand the challenges that you face, particularly if you need a fast decision or if you think you might have a low credit score or bad credit history. Help is available, however, and we can provide that help here at Save My Bacon.

This is because we offer emergency loans in New Zealand with an online application process that is quick to complete. We’ll make a decision on your loan quickly, too, using our fair assessment process (you can read more about that process below).

Emergency Loans - Think You Might Not Have Good Credit NZ

We also offer emergency loans to people who think they might have bad credit history through NZ credit reference agencies. We don’t make any promises until we can assess your application, except to say that a bad credit history is not solely a barrier to getting your loan approved, we also look at your full financial profile.

Read on to find out more about who we are and what makes us different. If you’re ready to get started with your application, apply now here!

Who We Are and How We Work

It is always good to know the company you are borrowing money from. We are a New Zealand fintech (Financial Technology) company. This means we use automated software programmes alongside exceptional, authentic customer service to deliver our services and look after our customers.

We take an innovative approach in the lending industry that puts the customer first. We know you are more than just your credit score!

What Makes Us Different

Banks and other traditional lenders have a very rigid way of assessing loan and credit applications. This includes emergency loans, i.e., just when you need help the most, the old-fashioned system gets in the way.

The assessment that traditional lenders make is usually based on simply looking at a person's credit score. In simple terms, if the person has a high enough score, they get the loan. If your score is below a certain level, however, your application is more likely to be rejected.

At Save My Bacon, we deal with people, not just credit scores. What does this mean? It means we take into account your credit score – this is the marker of a reputable lender. However, we also look at other aspects of your financial profile to get a fuller understanding and determine affordability. We'll need to verify your identity.

This approach gives financially responsible Kiwis access to loans where they would otherwise have very limited options. This includes Kiwis that think they might have a limited credit history or low credit score, something which can happen for a vast range of different reasons.

From our perspective, a low credit score or a limited credit history does not mean the person is financially irresponsible. You need to look further before you decide that, and our approach is effective.

So, how does our approach work? It all starts with your application, which you can complete online using our state-of-the-art website platform.

As part of the application, you will be asked to provide information about your job as well as financial information. It is this information, in addition to your credit score, that we use to make our decision. Apply for one of our emergency loans in NZ now through our loan calculator below.


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