School Holiday Activities

28 September 2023

Stardome Observatory & Planetarium, Auckland - Eventfinda

Things to do during the school holidays:

General Activities:

  1. Movie Marathon: Organise a movie marathon at home with your family's favourite films and snacks.
  1. Gardening Day: Spring is an excellent time to plant a variety of vegetables, providing a valuable learning experience for kids.
  1. Board Games and Puzzles: Enjoy quality family time with board games and puzzles that encourage critical thinking and social interaction.
  1. Arts and Crafts: Get creative with arts and crafts projects, using household items and imagination.
  1. Baking: Spend time in the kitchen baking delicious treats together, teaching kids cooking skills in the process.

Region-Specific Recommendations:


  • Stardome Observatory: Explore the universe and attend their affordable school holiday programs, offering a unique learning opportunity. Visit


  • Te Papa Tongarewa - Museum of New Zealand: Visit New Zealand's national museum with interactive exhibits in art, history, and natural history. Check for special holiday events. Visit


  • Air Force Museum of New Zealand: Discover the world of aviation with aircraft displays and interactive exhibits, often featuring special holiday activities for kids. Visit