Why should you think about purpose when thinking about finances?

07 November 2021

What does purpose have to do with your finances? Everything, actually. Making money as your only goal is never the best move. Making money from what we enjoy and feel we are naturally good at helps us feel more attuned with our reason for being here: our purpose!

What is the connection between finance and purpose? Many people believe that happiness and financial success are two separate and distinct things - “money can’t buy you happiness”. According to some, we cannot have satisfaction and wealth side by side. In fact, your happiness and wealth are both derived from growing positively in the world.

Mindset changes can be challenging. It involves changing how you feel about yourself, the world, and your purpose. You can learn more about the financial mindset here. To do so, you must alter long-held beliefs. Today is the day to change a negative mindset. People who want to change must do so as soon as possible. People tend to wait until the right time to make a significant mental shift. But the time is now. Now is the only time to act. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow never comes.

Why have a purpose? People who love what they’re doing simply work smarter and better than those who hate their work. Simply money, can’t be your aim if you want to be financially independent and prosperous. You need to find a purpose and, through creating value for others, monetize it. Not only will that make you more satisfied with your life, but it will also make you more likely to master your craft and be successful.

How to find my purpose?  That means finding something you love. Then you can work at it and master your craft. “knowledge and discipline”. Knowledge is crucial because it is the path you should follow. It takes humility and courage to learn the route. Discipline is how you walk the path. It’s what keeps you on track through challenges and trials.

How to be great at my purpose? Very few people can reach the top of their field. It’s just a fact that not everyone can be in the top tier of what they do. However, people who have a tremendous financial mindset find a field they love and work for the top. The truth is, you don’t have to be among the greatest in the world to be well-off monetarily. You just have to have enough to build the life you want, as Tony Robbins says. “The road to financial success is a challenge to endure, but the driving force must always be belief in your ability to succeed”.

How easy is it? Get-rich-quick schemes are built on the idea that wealth is a commodity that can be cheated for or quickly earned. Those who try these schemes quickly learn that wealth is built by creating positive change in the world. Anyone who achieves great things in their personal finances has done it by making things happen that no one else has done. They find problems to solve or niches to fill and then work as well as they can. People who live prosperous, fruitful lives make significant changes in the world. They’re not worried about the hours they work — they’re consumed with the work they’re doing. So reflect upon purpose, your purpose and what sparks joy in your life, follow the spark and when life strikes we're here to help!