10 Things To Do Whilst In Self-Solation

25 March 2020

So, kiwis weren’t expecting to have four weeks of staying home this year due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, and it certainly will feel like our lives have changed as we look longingly out the window remembering what it’s like to meet friends for lunch.

But together we must embrace this lock down to try and stop the spread of the virus in our beautiful New Zealand. This is actually a great opportunity to have time to do some of things we always say we will do, but never get around to! Here’s ten things you can do whilst in self-isolation!

  1. Learn a new skill

Whether it be a new language, getting creative with learning to draw and painting, a new form of exercise like yoga, or even coding… the power of the internet means there is a video tutorial for pretty much anything!

Learn a new skill

  1. Keep in touch with family & friends

Whilst we are in self-isolation, it doesn’t mean that we should isolate from the world! The wonders of social media mean we can keep in contact with our loved ones. House party is a good app to keep in touch, with video calling and interactive games. Its pretty cool.

Give your family a call, check they are doing OK and be kind.

Keep in touch with family & friends

  1. Make sure you get your vitamins

Staying inside more means we need to make sure we keep up our vitamin D and vitamin B levels. You can walk outside and should try to get some fresh air when you can. Go for at least one walk a day, just remember to keep your 2m social distance from anyone you meet on your walk.

You can also get your vitamins from multi-vitamins and food. Be sure to eat healthy and keep a balanced diet!

 Make sure you get your vitamins

  1. Tidy-up and De-clutter

Use some of this precious time to get your home looking spick-and-span, embrace the Marie Kondo Japanese way and shed your life of items that don’t bring you joy. Help the planet by donating them, reusing them or recycling them.

This is also a good opportunity to clear out and organise your wardrobe!

Tidy-up and De-clutter

  1. Bake something totally delicious

Are you a chef in the kitchen? Well the good news is now you have plenty if time to practice! Time to nail that banana cake recipe.

Bake something totally delicious

  1. Embrace your imagination and create a home video

Let your imagination run wild and create a play or home video. Maybe you had a holiday planned, or a party you were looking forward to? Well, still have it, just in your home and with a twist in the plot!

Embrace your imagination and create a home video

  1. Read a book

Keen reader, or not really? Well now is the time to read that book you have always been curious about. Its good for the mind to explore new worlds and stories, to learn new things and to improve our vocabulary.

Read a book

  1. Pamper yourself

Now is the time to really make the most of some ‘you time’. Run the bath, light the candles and relax. Get the facemasks out and give yourself a manicure or pedicure.

Pamper yourself

  1. Actually learn the names of your houseplants

Research what your house plants are and how to care for them, develop a green thumb that you can use to grow an even more impressive indoor garden. Try growing some new plants from the stems or seeds of your others !

Actually learn the names of your houseplants

  1. Make a photo album

Back up all those photos on your phone, dig out old photos, print new photos… and get creative! Time to get those memories down on paper, make something you’ll treasure forever.

Make a photo album