10 steps to keep safe on the roads this winter

23 June 2019

  1. 1. Get your car serviced
    It will ensure your car runs well and helps avoid break downs. 

  2. 2. Check the battery
    Cold temperatures drain old batteries of life. Ensure yours is up to the colder months.

  3. 3. Top up engine coolant with antifreeze
    Engine coolant should be a 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze, particularly in the South this can avoid leaky radiators, or worse a cracked head.

  4. 4. Check the condition of your tyres
    A car’s tyres are key to both steering and braking, it is essential they are in good condition and have the right pressure.

  5.  5. Clean your lights
     Check that all lights, indicators and rear reflectors are clean.

  6.  6. Wash your windscreen and wipers
     Give your windscreen a thorough clean inside and out and top up your screen washer fluid with antifreeze.

  7.  7. Prepare for longer journeys
     Check the weather forecast, travel news and safest routes.

  8.  8. Carry a winter car breakdown kit
     Down south this should include a, torch, blanket, hi-visibility vest, screen wash, food and drink supplies, scraper and charged mobile phone.

  9.  9. Check your cover
     Comprehensive breakdown cover will give you peace of mind knowing you won’t end up stranded in the cold.

  10. 10. Other important areas
     If you have a bit of motor know-how, check your brake pads, brake discs and brake fluid to ensure the brakes are fast and responsive.
     Ensure the fan belt and alternator drive belts are tight and not worn, and that plug’s and other leads are in good condition and secure.