Plant Your Own Bucket Garden

15 October 2018

Did you know you can plant a garden in buckets? It’s great fun for you and the kids and a great way to get affordable and nutritious veggies.
You don’t need a big yard to grow food and if you move you can take them with you.
Overseas lots of people are container planting vegetables. Tomatoes, potatoes, carrots and lettuces grow great.

  1. Just take a normal household bucket and poke drainage holes in the bottom
  2. Fill with good soil. If you use potting mix don’t forget to use a breathing mask and gloves.
  3. You can plant seeds, small plants or just a potato that has begun to sprout in the pantry.
  4. Keep them well, but not over watered and in good sunlight, but not somewhere that gets too hot. 

Soon you will have great veggies without a trip to the supermarket.