7 Of The Best Money Saving Blogs on The Internet

08 May 2015

When it comes to money, the internet abounds with blogs and sites that all offer their own particular brand of financial advice and tips. While that is all good and well, the problem is that often these start to regurgitate the same material, the same tips, in some cases the same material only re-worded to avoid shouts of plagiarism. Another problem is that most of these blogs are written with specific geographies and economies in mind, particularly the UK and USA – all be it some advice is universal.

There are some great sites out there though, if you can navigate through the haystack of junk and rhetoric to find them. Well we have decided to save you the trouble with that and thought we would like to share with you a selection of what we think are top class money saving blogs for the Australian and New Zealander. This list of seven blogs all have something to offer, be it helping you with innovative ideas on saving, making or spending money. Let’s get started.

1). Acumen


Acumen, is a great site brought to you by Lisa Dudson, and while they do offer chargeable services in the form of wealth reviews, individual coaching and consultations, there is also an abundance of information in the blog for free. The blog is regularly updated and the articles are wide ranged, useful and original. The site also has a money club, which is free to join and offers a lot of additional content and some free resources too. This one is well worth checking out particularly for encouraging a well-balanced financial core.


2.) Living Off The Smell Of An Oily Rag

oily rag

This really is one of the best resources out there for New Zealand, brought to you by Frank and Muriel Newman. The main site featured in the image above, contains a huge range of newsletters as well as a diverse range of money saving hints and tips as shared by readers. The index of tips and resources is massive and there are ideas shared for every possible area of life. The frugal theme of the site is complemented by a regular local blog that the couple maintain here http://www.stuff.co.nz/auckland/local-news/local-blogs/oily-rag/


3). Sorted


The Sorted blog is a great little independent money guide. Articles are added regularly and vary from money saving tips, budgeting, saving, managing debt and much more. Some of the articles are first hand accounts from people that faced and overcame difficult debt situations and changed their attitude to money. While there are only a few articles in the updates that relate to tips on saving money, they all relate to how to manage money better in a variety of faculties. Well written, easy to read and always worth a visit.


4). Frugal And Thriving

Frugal And Thriving

Frugal and Thriving is one of the most active frugal blogs out there, with several articles added each week. The archive of articles is huge, as is the category list of contents. There are articles here for everything to do with savings from the kitchen to the bank. In the food and groceries sub section alone, there are well over 100 articles on everything from saving on your shopping, to flavoursome frugal recipes, even for baby food.

The money matters section has a similar volume of articles but focussed on everything around managing money, savings, debt and financial behaviour. There are also sections that look at how to save money in DIY and home crafting as well as sustainable living. Every corner of this site is aimed at providing you helpful and useful information on saving and managing money more effectively. Great site.  


5). Saving Mummy

Saving Mummy

Saving Mummy is another great blog, brought to you by a mother of 4 children, who knows fine well the cost of raising a family and who has a background in writing and journalism. This background comes through in the well written, very specific and onpoint articles and blogs that are written. The blog abounds with articles on saving money from every area of life, with a particular focus on great ideas for crafting what you can yourself, how to save on groceries and shopping and some innovative recipe ideas. If you register for free you can contribute your own tips, and there are daily saving tips given out for free.


6). Savings Guide

Savings Guide

Savings Guide is brought to you by blogger Alex Wilson, who writes on the homepage that he does the blog “to show people how to save money by making smarter choices and ignoring the hype of marketing.”

Alex states that he himself had over $20000 in credit card debt and paid off every cent. He is passionate about saving and in sharing tips on how to turn your finances around to work for you. The articles here are primarily to advise on how to spend your money, making sure you get the best deal, strategies and tips on how to make sure you get the best products you can and the best rates on any credit. The blogs are regular with an archive of over 400 useful articles.


7). Debt Free, Cashed Up And Laughing

Debt Free, Cashed Up And Laughing

The debt free cashed up and laughing blog is one of the longest running money advice blogs in Australia, with an archive of over 1700 articles dating back to 2007. The author welcomes you to the site by advising they share articles about the normal ‘day-to-day’ life in their household, living the ‘cheapskates’ way.  The site is closely tied to the cheapskates club which you can find here http://www.cheapskates.com.au/ and is itself a useful site, but for most benefits requires you to take out a chargeable membership. The debt free cashed up and laughing blog on the other hand is completely free and is abundant with saving tips and ideas, all tried and tested and worth consideration.


So that’s our shortlist of the best money saving blogs on line specifically for Australia and New Zealand. There are more out there but these offer the best range of articles, unique and interesting tips and ideas from those that take the time to share their experiences or provide a place where readers can share their own ideas.