Save My Bacon Testimonials

Our Happy Customers

Fast, customer focused and responsible - that’s who we are at Save My Bacon. It’s easy for us to say how great our business and service is, but it's better if you hear it from our customers. Have a look below

Andrew, Christchurch

"At last a quick loan company that does what it says it will - crazy quick turnaround, no fuss, money in the bank within an hour - every time. And they are great to deal with. Honestly, it’s as easy as they say it is."

Andy, Whakatane

"Thanks for the quick and speedy service SMB provides for me and others. As I am happy with this company I will continue using SMB when I am in need of fast cash. And I have no hesitation in recommending SMB to any new customers ...

Charles, Auckland

"SMB has really helped us alot. Once you have signed up the process for subsequent applications is very fast and they do all the work their end. I fully endorse SMB as the number one short-term loan service in NZ. The SMB team's very polite - if you’re stuck they are more than willing to help. Thanks for everything SMB!"

Ellie, Wellington

"Quick, easy & painless. Absolutely no stress whatsoever. I would definitely recommend to everyone."

Eloise, Christchurch

"Fast, easy and no messing round with lots of paperwork. I would totally recommend SMB to anyone that wants a short-term loan."

Getruida, Christchurch

"Thanks for your quick and efficient service - it’s really helped me out in quite a few bad times - will recommend you to anyone requiring a fast loan."

Janice, Auckland

"Thank you SMB. What an awesome service you provide. It is so easy and fast. Money in your bank in an hour and having to fax no paperwork is great."

Jimmy, Christchurch

"Like it when I apply and have money in my account in the next hour. Thanks to the team at SMB."

Mary, Auckland

"Proficient, friendly service, really fast payment. Great."

Melanie, Christchurch

"SMB have helped me out of tight spots on regular occasions. Highly recommended and funds in account within one hour of approval"

Ranga, Wellington

"Thanks guys for the quick and easy, hassle free cash top up. No stress, no waiting. Just the best service you could expect. Again thanks to the team at SMB."

Todd, Christchurch

"I love the one hour money availability. It's a very prompt service and I have been looked after by this company since I joined and it has been a great help for my emergency needs every single time. I highly recommend this loan provider to anyone."

Vannessa, Christchurch

"I have always found the service to be excellent with SMB. They are prompt and professional, and once you’ve signed up the first time it is very very easy. If you are looking for a short-term loan I would recommend SMB every time!"

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The type of credit is not intended to meet your long-term financial needs or to be used for dealing with existing ongoing financial problems.
This loan should only be used to meet short-term cash needs and not be used as a continual source of credit.
If you are concerned that you are falling into a bad debt situation, then please do not apply for a Save My Bacon loan as our loan will only worsen your situation.