Short Term Loans New Zealand

Are you looking for options for short-term loans in New Zealand? At Save My Bacon, we know that life strikes at lightning speed, and sometimes you just need a little help! Well, you’re in the right place for fast access to cash on a short-term basis. Oh, and don’t stress about the repayments, we’ll work with you to ensure your Save My Bacon loan won’t break the piggy bank!

We believe in a brighter way to borrow. We do things differently from other lenders in New Zealand, particularly the large corporate lenders. Often, they just look at your credit score and credit history, seeing you, lovely customer, as only a number! If you don’t rank highly enough, you may not get the loan...

To us, you are more than just a credit score! You are also more than your credit history. Plus, at Save My Bacon, we know from our experience that credit score and credit history don’t paint the whole picture of whether or not a person is financially responsible. You can be financially responsible, but for a range of reasons, find yourself in a position where your credit score is not where you want it to be… and we can help with that too! Keeping on track with your Save My Bacon repayments will actually help to grow and improve your credit score.

We look at multiple factors when we make decisions on our short-term loans. This includes your credit score and credit history, of course, but we also look at your full financial profile to help us make a more informed decision. Just for you! To us our customers are VIPs, not statistics.

We have a range of short-term loans available wherever you are located in New Zealand. We can’t guarantee your application will be approved, but we can guarantee that we’ll assess it honestly and fairly. Join a brighter way to borrow and apply now.

Short Term Loans NZ

You can choose from either of our short-term loan products depending on your requirements and circumstances.

Short-Term Loans – Our Mini Loan Product

A little loan to get you by!

You don’t need to make a big commitment to get through a little money stress, or to make some big plans. A Save My Bacon Mini Loan can last as little as one week to eight weeks, and you can borrow between $300 and $750. The annual interest rate (AIR) is always fixed at 49.95%.

Medium-Term Loans – Our Flex Loan Product

Power up your finances!

Our Flex loan is flexible! It can act as a medium-term loan, but it is still short-term when you compare it to other loans that are available in New Zealand – loans where the duration of the loan is measured in years rather than weeks and months.

With this loan, you can borrow between $1,000 and $5,000, with a loan term of between eight and 52 weeks. Again, the annual interest rate (AIR) is always fixed at 49.95%.

Qualifying Requirements

You will need to meet some requirements to qualify for the short-term loans we offer in NZ. These include:

  • You need to be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or possess a valid work visa
  • You must be 18+ years of age
  • You must receive a regular and consistent income of at least $400 a week
  • You need an active bank account (for at least one pay cycle)
  • Your income must be paid directly into your bank account
  • You need a valid email account
  • You need an active mobile account
  • You need verifiable identification

How Do We Make Our Decisions?

We look at a range of factors when making decisions on loan applications. This includes the difference between what you earn and what you spend each month, your regular bill amounts, whether you make on-time payments, and more. Save My Bacon is a responsible lender, and we want to make sure your loan with us will be affordable!

The application process only takes a few minutes – get started below now.

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