Instant Loans New Zealand

When you need instant cash loans, you need a New Zealand lender who understands the situation you are going through. You need a company that doesn’t make you jump through hoops, stand in line, or wait on hold on the phone. You also need a company that makes fast and fair decisions.

The above describes us at Save My Bacon and our approach to providing short and medium-term loans to financially responsible Kiwis.

Plus, we are a leading specialist in instant approval loans in NZ.

Why? Our entire process is all set to operate online. We are streamlined, with tried and tested processes, and we harness technology not to line our pockets, but to ensure we offer the fastest, most transparent, and most secure service possible to our customers.

Waiting in line? Nope!

Putting you on hold? Nope?

Making you jump through hoops, twirl about, or do somersaults? Nope to these things too.

And nope to making you wait for ages getting a decision on your loan application.

So, choose the provider of instant loans in New Zealand who actually knows what they are doing and who understands your position and what you’re going through. Apply for a Save My Bacon loan today.

Instant Approval Loans NZ

Okay, let’s get down to business – what are the instant loans that we offer in NZ? We have two, with the right option depending on how much you want to borrow and for how long.

I Want a Small Amount Over a Short Term

Okay, our Mini Loan product is ideal for you. A little loan to get you by. You can borrow anything from $300 to $750, with loan terms up to eight weeks. Do you want to pay your loan off sooner? We’ve no problem with that, and we don’t charge early repayment fees!

I Want a Larger Amount of Money, and I’ll Need a Bit Longer to Repay the Loan

We’ve got you covered with our Flex Loan product, a loan to power up your finances. We call this our medium-term loan, as the term of the loan can be between eight and 52 weeks. Again, you can repay the loan as soon as you want with no early repayment fees.

What about how much you can borrow? You can borrow anything from $1,000 to $5,000 using our Flex Loan product.

How Much Interest Will I Pay?

How much interest you will pay depends on how much you borrow and how long it takes you to pay the loan back. We charge a fixed annual interest rate (AIR) of 49.95%.

We’ve also got a calculator you can use to find out how much your repayments will be for the loan amount that you need. Try it below now!

What’s the Catch?

There isn’t one, really. There are some eligibility criteria that apply, which you can check on our “Do I Qualify” page. One of the requirements is you need a regular and consistent income of at least $400 a week paid into your account.

Also, your loan application isn’t guaranteed to be approved, as we will assess it. We can promise that we’ll be fair, and we will look beyond your credit score and credit history to get an understanding of your financial profile before making a decision. We want to save as many Kiwis bacon as possible, so we’ll do our best to find the most affordable solution for you. Apply below now!

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