Fast Cash Loans From Save My Bacon in New Zealand

Fast Cash Loans Online NZ

In a spot of temporary financial bother, or just want to live your best life? Worry not because fast cash is available right now! Fast cash loans are a great way to bridge the gap between now and payday or for when unexpected costs crop up.

Fast Cash Loans To The Rescue! 

We’ve all been there, done that and got the t-shirt, so we know how it feels to be stressed about not having enough cash to see you through until the end of the week or month. 

Get Rid Of Those Mid-Month Money Stresses

A Save My Bacon loan is fast and easy to apply for. We can provide you with quick access to the money you need right now, just in time for the bills that need to be paid. If you are in need of cash right now, for an emergency, for a fun weekend or to attend an event and you've run short, we can help you out in no time. Stress relief! Simply apply online today and get your funds within hours of approval, and you can live your Flex life! There are no early repayment fees so as soon as you get paid, simply pay your loan back!

That’s how it works! Speed is the key. We live in the 21st century, so don’t waste time on hold or standing in queues when you can apply online for a hassle free Save My Bacon fast cash loan.

Let’s See If We Can Get You Some Cash!

Simply fill out our loan calculator to see how much you can borrow. Our application takes just a few minutes to complete and you could have the money in your bank within hours once your application has been approved. 

Our fast cash loans can be applied for 24 hours a day on PC, Mac, Laptop, mobile device or tablet. Once approved the funds are paid direct into your bank account. So there’s no awful waiting until payday to get your hands on some cash to pay bills. Our online application form is straightforward allowing us to make an approval decision once we have all your application information, on your payday loan...

We are different to most lenders as we go the whole hog, carrying out a comprehensive review and assessment of your full financial profile and looking beyond just your credit score. This means that a lower credit score and/or limited credit history won’t necessarily prevent financially responsible applicants from taking out a Save My Bacon loan.

Why Use Save My Bacon For A Fast Cash Loan?

1. We're 100% committed to responsible lending at each step of our loan process. We don’t like fuss. Just simplicity and transparency so our customers know the score. Our safeguards show our commitment to offering short-term fast cash loans appropriately.

2. Save My Bacon’s focus on industry best practice provides you with a high level of disclosure and an equally high level of transparency through our website and throughout the loan process.

3. Save My Bacon can provide same day loans to quickly bridge those gaps in your finances. We are there for you when those unexpected or urgent expenses crop up. Use it how you like - an outstanding bill or the car breaking down.

4. Our loans are quick, reliable and most importantly secure.

5. We are an established and well respected brand within New Zealand that cares about their customers. 

6. Your loan repayments contribute to growing your credit score! So you can borrow today for a brighter tomorrow if you stay on track with your repayments. 

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