Cash Advance Loans New Zealand

Yep, we get it – life often strikes at lightning speed, leaving you short. It usually happens when you least expect it and are not in a great position to deal with it. Whatever the cause, from a mechanical problem with your car to an unplanned medical expense or who knows what else, the result is the same – you don’t have the cash on hand you need. Cash advance loans from a leading provider in New Zealand like Save My Bacon can be the ideal solution.

There can be lots of reasons for needing the type of extra money that cash advance loans provide. Sometimes you need a little cash before payday to get you through. Maybe you just want to live a little this weekend, but funds are low. Or maybe there’s a special occasion around the corner, and your car just broke down.

The list is endless. Whatever the reason, cash loans can be a solution.

At Save My Bacon, we offer easy and stress-free payday cash advance loans for financially responsible Kiwis across New Zealand.

The loan term can be as low as one week. So, when you get paid, simply pay it off!

You can even choose to take the loan over a longer-term, and then, if you are in a position to do so, you can pay it off early. We don’t charge early repayment fees, so there is no penalty for doing this. And you don’t even need to pay it off in one go. Instead, you can pay a bit more than your scheduled weekly/fortnightly/monthly payment to get the loan paid as soon as you can. At Save My Bacon, we are all about saving you more Bacon in the long run!

Cash Loans NZ

We are 100% online, so you can talk to us online, all the information you need about our loans is online (and it’s simple and easy to read), and you can apply online. Plus, our loan application only takes a few minutes to complete!

We’ll take over from there, getting in touch if we need any further info.

If you are approved, you’ll get your cash in a flash as we’ll pay directly into your bank account on the day we approve your loan.

Plus, our cash loans are safe, with a secure application process. Our friendly Customer Team is also available if you need any help with your application or loan, we are experts in cash loans in NZ. Get in touch with us today.

Getting hold of the cash you need couldn’t be easier – apply for a cash advance loan today.

Our Loan Products

If you are looking for cash loans in NZ, we have two products that might suitable:

         1. Mini Loan - a little loan to get you by!

  1. For short-term borrowing of between one and eight weeks. The AIR is 49.95%, and you can borrow between $300 and $750.

  2. 2. Flex Loan - power up your finances!

  3. For short/medium-term borrowing of between eight weeks and a year. The AIR is 49.95%, and you can borrow between $1,000 and $5,000.

Why Apply for A Save My Bacon Loan?

  • We’re a responsible lender, so only approve affordable loans
  • We specialise in loans for financially responsible Kiwis
  • We're rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot! Check out our reviews below 
  • We offer an online application process, fast decision-making, fast payments on approved applications, and fair terms (loan applications are assessed according to our strict affordability criteria)
  • We take various factors into account when assessing your application, including your credit score as well as your full financial profile. Our goal is to look past the numbers in your credit report to understand who you really are. We want to help all financially responsible Kiwis.
  • The application process only takes a few minutes, and you can even complete it on your mobile!
  • You can use your loan with us to help improve your credit score as we are partnered with Kiwi credit-bureau Equifax
  • Loans are available for periods of one week to a year, with loan amounts between $300 and $5,000. Our loans have a fixed annual interest rate (AIR) of 49.95%. For a full breakdown of our interest and fees, check out our Interest and Fees page
  • There are no additional fees if you decide to repay your loan early
  • We’re a trusted Kiwi loan provider and recognised brand

To begin the process, review our eligibility criteria and then get started with your application below!

Rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot