Get to know our CEO - Kent Gillman

26 May 2019

Kent Gillman is passionate about ensuring every New Zealander has access to credit. He sees smart technology as a way to ensure that those everyday kiwis, who might have fallen out of favour with banks, can still access credit they can afford, when they need it.

“At Save My Bacon this smart technology allows us to build a relationship with customers, ensuring they can afford credit for important things, but still make repayments without financial stress,” he said.

“We are a values-based company and looking after the welfare of our customers, is key to our success.”

Save My Bacon has supported moves to make the finance industry safer for customers and made submissions on recent proposed changes to legislation governing lending, to ensure all New Zealanders get a fair deal.

“At the same-time we want to see if we can use our smart technology to bring the costs to our customers down over time, and are committed to this,” he said.

“Everyone needs access to credit to smooth out the unexpected. The finance industry has tended to look at credit ratings as a picture of someone’s ability to pay. We are interested in our customers’ futures, not their pasts. We use our smart technology to get a picture of a person’s financial health as it is today.”

“Another key focus for us is transparency. It is important customers know the exact cost of credit, and that the application process is simple and easily understood,” Kent said.

“By putting our customers first, we can ensure that we continue to be industry leaders,” he said.

Part of this philosophy includes looking after Save My Bacon’s staff. There has been no outsourcing to offshore call centres. Save My Bacon is committed to New Zealand and is proud of its employment practices which see staff receive excellent levels of remuneration and great conditions, with opportunities to grow.

“Our staff are key to our success. Happy, motivated staff focus on looking after our customers and going that extra mile for them. It’s a well-known recipe that works,” he said.